Alan Jones Moves On From Abusing Women To Attacking A More Worthy Opponent, Children


Sydney based shock jock Alan Jones, fresh off being condemned for verbally attacking New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has moved away from abusing women to take out his frustrations on children.

Most notably those children who attended last Friday’s Climate Action strike.

“How dare these pathetic children take time off school to march against something that I don’t believe in,” said a fired up Jones. “I mean who are they listening to, scientists.”

“Anyone can be a scientist, but it takes years of hard work and graft to become a shock jock. These kids should be listening to me.”

When asked why he was so angry and disbelieving over climate change Mr Jones said: “Haven’t you heard my show, you have to be angry about something or someone.”

“I mean if I were to go on air being all happiness and light no one would listen, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to pick a fight with Giggle and Hoot.”

“That owl has had it too good for too long.”

Mark Williamson

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