Tasmanian Premier Quits Politics To Spend More Time With His Other Head

Will Hodgman

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman has resigned saying he wants to spend more time getting to know his other head.

“Politics is hard work and I’ve found that I’ve drifted apart from my other head over the past five years,” said an emotional former Premier as he dabbed tears from his eyes with four scrunched up tissues. “You work long hours in this job and my other head was often asleep when I got home from work.”

“He slept all the way through all of the kid’s school plays and I had to tell him about them afterwards,” said Will Hodgman’s Other Head in a rare public statement. “The last straw was when we went to have a shave the other day and I didn’t recognise him. I thought some stranger was creeping up behind me in the mirror.”

When asked what he would be doing with all of his newly found free time, Hodgman replied that he and his best mate were hoping to get together and form a barbershop quartet.

Jonas Holt and Peter Green

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