George Christensen Organises Fundraiser For Filipino Victims Of The Australian Bushfires

George Christensen

The Morrison Government’s Minister for Manila George Christensen has been kept busy trying to organise a fundraiser for Filipino victims of the Australian bushfires.

“The bushfires in Australia are taking an horrific toll not just here but abroad,” said the Minister for Manila. “Many reputable business people like Myself have had to cut short or even cancel our trips to the Philippines.”

“That is a lot of lost revenue for the Philippines, whether it be from people booking hotels, visiting bars or even just dining with the local ladies……..or gentlemen.”

When asked why he was more concerned with raising funds for the Philippines than for everyday quiet Australians, the Minister for Manila said: “There’s a lot George Christensen to go around.”

“Of course I want to help everyday Australians but I can’t risk that some of my cash could go towards helping a Greenie or worse an inner city leftie. If I’m raising funds for the Philippines then at least I know which girl, er person my cash is going towards.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to troll some lefties on Twitter.”

Mark Williamson

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