Prince Andrew Sends Meghan Markle A Dozen Red Roses As A Thank You For The Distraction

Royal-in-exile Prince Andrew has sent fellow exiled Royal Meghan Markle a dozen red roses, following her and husband Prince Harry’s interview with media mega-star Oprah Winfrey. The roses had a note attached saying: ”Thanks for the distraction.”

”Prince Andrew has absolutely impeccable manners,” said Royal-Watcher Lord Ian Needalife. ”This is often over-looked when discussing the Queen’s third born son.”

‘The grubby media only ever focus on what he did, and how old was the person he did it to. Why don’t they ever focus on his impeccable manners or grooming?”

When asked why there was so much focus on Meghan and Harry, as opposed to the Prince, the Royal watcher said: ”Well, they were the ones that gave the interview. Poor Andrew – the chap can’t even sweat let alone sit down with Oprah for a chat.”

”Meghan and Harry need to think about the damage they are doing to the Royals. Sure, it keeps a lot of people like me in a job, but, won’t she please think of Prince Philip?

”The poor old chap is laying in a hospital somewhere, petrified that his life support could be pulled at any minute should the Royal families popularity plunge any further.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Psssstttt second born son numb nutz!

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