Penis Drawn On Shire Man’s House Definitely A Banksy

A shire householder is 100% certain that a penis and balls spray painted on the front wall of his house is the work of ironic guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy.

“While the satirical point that he is trying to make is rather obscure, this has the unmistakable handiwork of Banksy all over it,” said Caringbah plumber Kirk Bellend of the seven foot long phallus that adorns the three bedroom brick veneer residence. “I haven’t spoken to any art evaluators yet but I imagine this will add a million or two to the price of my home.”

“It just goes to show you how elusive he is that he managed to sneak in and paint the work without being spotted by any of the dozen or so teenagers who were having a drunken party in the park across the street from my house last Friday night,” said an admiring Bellend of the enigmatic Bristol-based urban artist. “I’m guessing he hoofed it straight back to the station and was on the first plane back to the UK before the paint was even dry.”

“If this is a Banksy than it represents a departure from his carefully prepared stencil work towards a more free form use of blue spraycan paint,” said Sydney Art critic Natalie Brushstroke. “Are the spaff lines emanating from the hole at the top of the cock a wry comment upon consumerism? I guess it’s up to the observer to draw their own conclusions.”

Mr Bellend is hoping to fund a trip to Bali to look for more Banksy paintings by charging curious art fans $2 Australian to peek at the work behind a tarpaulin.

Peter Green

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