ScoMo Tells Christina Holgate That The Apology Is ”In The Mail”

Australian Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing has stated that he has apologised to former Australia Post CEO Christina Holgate for calling her out over her awarding Cartier watches as bonuses, saying that the apology is in the mail.

”The issue of the Watch Lady has been settled, said the Prime Minister. ”The letter has been posted, and if she doesn’t get it, well, that’s on her as the former CEO of Australia Post.”

”As this country’s Prime Minister, I am dealing with the big issues – like the coaching dilemma that is currently engulfing my beloved Eel’s, er Sharks.”

When asked why he went out of his way to attack a female CEO and seemingly went easy on his own colleagues that had seemingly done worse, the PM said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”My Government is a good Government, and the people are behind me. They don’t want to hear about letters, watches and up-skirting.”

”They want to hear about a Government getting on with it, doing the job! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have announcements to make about announcements I’ve made and I have a photo shoot or ten to do.”

Mark Williamson


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