ScoMo Tells Women The Only Reason To Be On Your Knees Is To Pray

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has offered the women of Australia a bit of life advice, telling them that the only reason to be on your knees is for prayer. The advice follows the revelation that his colleague Andrew Laming took a photo of a female worker stocking a fridge with soft drink whilst on her knees, coincidently aiming the shot up the woman’s skirt.

”Women of Australia, you need to work with men to make the world a safer place,” said the PM. ”Walking around in short skirts or dresses and bending over is just inviting someone like Andrew Laming to take a photo.”

”We are all in this together, and I call on the lady-folk to give the men a hand!”

When asked why the onus was on women to stop men from breaking the law, the PM said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”If ladies wore appropriate attire, there would be no temptation for men. Sure, you might get the occasional desperado taking a photo of a ladies ankle, but that’s nothing that a good pair of socks can’t fix.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Engadine Maccas to help the Manager conduct a uniform check. To be fair, scrubbing floors may also be a good reason to be down on your knees, though a good mop can also do the job.”

Mark Williamson


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