Liberal Man Doesn’t Understand the Controversy Surrounding Julien Blanc

Peter White, a 27 year old politically Liberal man, has expressed confusion as to why Julien Blanc had his visa discontinued last Thursday night. “Australia is a Liberal Democracy” Mr White informed the (Un)Australian, “people should be free to express any opinion they want.” The opinion Mr White is referring to, is that you should isolate and choke women so they’re scared enough to have consensual sex with you.
Mr White was quick to distance himself from Mr Blanc’s views, “Look, I don’t believe men should bully and harass women into sex” however, he added “but as a Liberal guy, when it comes to siding with feminism or the right to advocate bullying and harassment, I have to side with the Liberal values of having the right to advocate bullying and harassment. Free speech is about protecting the voice of the voiceless, and at the moment, there’s no one more voiceless than Julien Blanc.”
“We should have just put him on TV and exposed his ideas to ridicule.” Mr White offered as an alternative, referring to the same tactic used to kill Creationism and Climate Scepticism.
Karl Fischer, a 25 year old politically Liberal man, disagreed with Mr White, but was also worried about the consequences of cancelling Mr Blanc’s visa. “Look, Mr Blanc’s views are not welcome in a modern Australia, but I’m concerned about the consequences of allowing [Minister for Immigration] Scott Morrison to cancel Mr Blanc’s visa just because his views are not welcome in modern Australia. Does that mean I’ll also have to advocate denying visas to refugees trying to escape oppression? Would I have to support deporting Australians because of the ties they wear? Where will the madness stop?”
In related news, Brisbane is dealing with a large oversupply of Lynx body spray after Mr Blanc was forced to cancel his scheduled presentation in the city.

Author: Matthew Farthing

Twitter: @MattJFarthing

Categories: News, Social Media

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