Whincup’s Bathurst Holden finally euthanised

While the Ford champagne corks were popping during Chaz Mostert’s thrilling Bathurst 500 win last October, a terrible tragedy quietly took place in the Red Bull Racing team stables.

Against the advice of the trainer and team vets, Jamie Whincup thrashed the Holden causing it to run out of energy in the last lap and stop.

“I was the favourite to win…I mean my name’s Whincup for Gods sakes so…very disappointing” said the 4 time Mount Panorama winner.

Onlookers could only watch in horror as a tarpaulin was draped over the V8 after trainers David Cauchi and Mark Dutton helped push the depleted Holden over the 161st lap.

“I was beside myself when the steward from the RTA came over today and…and put a yellow sticker on her” Cauchi recalls.

Yesterday, owner Roland Dane insisted “Jamie tried flogging her in the final turns but it just wasn’t our day. Now a good car has left us”

“I hope this doesn’t misrepresent our sport. We take every precaution to
ensure our cars aren’t injured on the track”

The annual event draws motoring enthusiasts from all over the state, and most fans weren’t aware of how much trouble Whincup’s car was in until they’d sobered up.

It’s not known what will happen to the parts of the ill-fated Holden, but a
full autopsy will be done on Monday.

Author: Jonas Holt


Categories: News, Sport

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