Miranda Devine Lays Wreath At Foot of Sewerage Ventilation Shaft




Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine has been photographed laying a commemorative wreath at the base of the Hyde Park Obelisk, an out of service sewerage ventilation shaft constructed in the 1950s. It is part of an annual ritual performed by Devine in which she travels  to pay her respects to a number of disused waste disposal sites across the state.

Hyde Park Obelisk

On Saturday Ms Devine will visit Holroyd Central Gardens where she has organized for a small memorial service to be held on the grounds of the former Holroyd Sanitation and Waste Unit which was finally retired in 1987 before meeting with an architect to discuss the possible construction of a crypt at the site of the old Ashfield food waste decompostation facility.


Devine’s campaign initially struggled to fond traction but now in its fourth year it appears to finally be gaining traction.  Speaking to the (un)Australian, rationalist Chris Kenny voiced his support for the campaign. “I know a lot of the sort of people who watch the ABC probably think it’s funny to make fun of it but waste disposal isn’t a laughing matter and all of us owe a great deal to the existence and efficacy of these structures. I think what Miranda is doing is a tremendous initiative.”


The final day of Devine’s commemorative tour is next Tuesday.

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