Microphone Checks Are Sending The Country Broke: Albrechtsen


Former ABC board member Janet Albrechtsen has called for an end to exorbitant microphone checks amid fears they pose a tangible threat to Australia’s triple A credit rating. Albrechtsen, who on Sunday announced she would henceforth be boycotting the ABC, appeared on ABC Radio on Thursday morning to condemn the wasteful practice. Ms Albrechsten declined to comment on whether she took the decision to boycott the ABC before or after she stopped receiving invitations to appear on the ABC’s Drum and Q&A programs.

A spokesperson for the Institute of Public Affairs endorsed Dr Albrechstens comments, telling The (un) Australian: “If the ABC are going to conduct a microphone check before every radio, television and print interview they conduct, right around Australia than this is going to end up costing the Australian taxpayers about three hundred and seventy dollars per year. That’s 0.0185 cents per year for every man, woman and child.”

Nathan Lentern

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