Nerds Enjoy Fake Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars

The upcoming release of yet another Disney franchise juggernaut, Star Wars, had nerds all over the world drooling onto their keyboards as the first teaser trailer was released on YouTube earlier this week.

Those keyboards were then smashed by angry nerd fists as their goose bumps turned into bristles of rage upon discovering that other smarter nerds had not fallen for the fan-made fake in the comments below.

Invariably comments like: “HOLY SHIT MY SKIN TINGLED WATCHING THIS \o/” were followed by comments like: “100% fake moron, it even says it in the description LOL”.

The (un)Australian has learned that, after reading the description, the trailer was indeed a fake. “Awesome! Great tone to this trailer! Now I just can’t wait for the real thing!”

Other commenters below the video argue about the existence of God and cite Hitler regularly to prove their point, as the YouTube comment section continues to be a place where intellectuals congregate and insult each other.

Some nerds felt especially betrayed by the imitation. Eugene Worly told The (un)Australian, “I haven’t felt this let down since Jar Jar Binks,” before slamming his fist on the table and looking to the sky, “Damn you Lucaaaaaaaaaaas!”

Anticipation for the upcoming release and seventh film is at record levels among die-hard fans, despite the fact that  three of the first six films, were as well received as a drunk stripper at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

Eugene explained his optimism. “George Lucas sold it to Disney, he has no creative control, it can only get better from here now that the man who murdered my childhood can go back to his ranch and count his billions.”

The actual teaser trailer will be released sometime today in the USA, with many fans vowing to watch it despite the let down earlier in the week. Eugene added, “Having inappropriate emotional responses to universes that don’t exist is kind of my thing.”

Ryan Crawford

Twitter: @RyanTheCrawford

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