Hashtag Activist’s Tweet Ends Racial Tensions In Ferguson


Belgian hashtag activist Rube Perrault brought calm to the scarred streets of Ferguson overnight with his #endracismnow tweet. The streets are quiet in Ferguson for the first time since the controversial grand jury decision. Quiet but not empty. People, black, white and Asian, are working together to clear the rubble and are talking about building a stronger community together. “I’m just embarrassed we didn’t think of it ourselves,” said one long time Ferguson resident.

Perrault, who tweets under the handle @deepthoughts69 is being lauded for bridging the racial divide that has been tearing the small community apart. Detailed information, explains Perrault, is irrelevant when devising hashtag solutions.

“You don’t want to get bogged down in the details of cases like this. The evidence that the Grand Jury saw, the legal debate about whether a Grand Jury was the most appropriate legal instrument in these circumstances, what constitutes self defence, all that is just a distraction. You need to keep it simple. It’s about racism. Why did Officer Wilson shoot Michael Brown? Racism. Why did the Grand Jury get it wrong? Racism. What is the solution? #endracismnow. It couldn’t be more simple”.

Perrault’s work has been lauded as revolutionary and game changing by community leaders and experts alike.

“It’s kind of embarrassing actually” says Grover Wiltshire, Professor of Urban Modes of Being at the University of Missouri, “I’ve written over a million words about the relationship of race, intractable poverty and urban violence in an effort to explain the issues to white America and he solves it all in under 140 characters! Remarkable”.

Ramsey Oldfield, a St Louis, social worker, was also pleasantly surprised with the change of mood in Ferguson.

“I’ve been working for years with vulnerable families in Ferguson to alleviate the entrenched disadvantage of America’s racist legacy. And frankly this couldn’t have come at a better time because funds from all levels of Government have been growing scarcer in recent years.”

Local police spokesperson Malcolm White also joined the chorus welcoming the development “This is a real game changer for us” he said “Now that racism is over, our officers can be confident that they’re arresting people for the right reasons”.  

Having ended racism Perrault is now turning his attention to a whole range of complex social issues. He revealed to The (un) Australian that he is already working on the hashtags #endsexismnow,  and #endcapitalismnow, both of which are rumoured to be sending shockwaves of fear through the old guard capitalists.

One white male who holds a senior position at a prominent investment firm spoke to The (un) Australian on the condition of anonymity. “It’s just crazy” he said “first he made us to start treating broads as equals, not just the frumpy middle aged ones either, the young pieces with great yams and pins for days. Next he tells us he’s ending capitalism. That’s really going to affect the value of my Facebook and Twitter shares”.

This is not the first time Twitter has been at the vanguard of humanitarian miracles. Last month The (un) Australian reported that a cure for Ebola had been triggered after a million users retweeted a post calling for a cure. At present it is believed to be the most promising solution to the challenges posed by the ISIL death cult.

Andrew Barnett

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