Lazarus to Pyne: ‘Take A Hint!’

Christopher Pyne-2

In what appears to be a very bad day for Christopher Pyne, Senator Glenn Lazarus has publicly rebuffed the education minister’s text-ual advances.

“Please, meet me for coffee or a drink” Mr Pyne sent Lazarus in a text message sighted by The (un)Australian. “I need to discuss education reforms with u bad.”

Senator Lazarus insisted that he only took Mr Pyne’s number to let him down easily,

“It was late, there weren’t many people in the bar, I was a little worried what might happen if I rejected him harshly. You can never tell with guys like that, if they’ll be able to understand you’re not interested or if they’ll get angry because you don’t like them.

“I think it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to budge on the changes to university funding. He should have known I wasn’t going to respond to his messaging.”

Lazarus admits he messaged back infrequently, pretending to be “out of credit” even though he is on a pre-paid plan, but that Pyne wasn’t taking the hint. The education minister reportedly messaged Lazarus for days on end despite no response and would “like” Facebook status updates made by the Senator within seconds of them being posted.

The leader of the House admitted that he probably came off as desperate, but that he had also been drinking and “thought it was a good idea at the time”.

“When I first met Glenn at the nightclub, he seemed like a different kind of senator. He really seemed like the kind of guy I could have a discussion with about education reforms.

“It just hurts, you know? You try to be a good guy and you just get ignored. You feel powerless.”

This is not the first time Minister Pyne has had an issue with “drunk texting”. Late last month, the minister for education sent ABC boss Mark Scott a nude Snapchat while trying to arrange a meeting to discuss the closure of their Adelaide TV studio.

Matthew Farthing is the Canberra Correspondent for The (un)Australian. He once sang “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Wayne Swan at the Capitol Bar and Grill. Follow him on Twitter.


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