Woman Stuns World With Facebook Appeal For Peace

diplomats hug

Michelle Windsor, a 43-year-old mother-of-two from Marrickville, has stunned world leaders with a powerful yet simple Facebook status that read: “Stop it! Seriously! Enough is enough! Just grow up and act like adults and STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!’”

Windsor clarified in a comment under the status, which received 27 likes and three shares, that she was sick of seeing of the seemingly endless tidal wave of killing and bloodshed all around the world, highlighting recent events in Ukraine and across the Middle East as the immediate cause of her intervention into global geopolitics. “Humanity really has to pull up its socks and do better,” she added.

Sources said diplomatic representatives at the United Nations Security Council were “in shock”. When the Syrian UN ambassador read the status out, after seeing a screenshot tweeted by the account of the official Islamic State account, the source noted: “Silence descended on the room, then the American ambassador stood up, walked to his Syrian counterpart and hugged him.

“The entire room broke out into cheers.”

Nations all over the world have begun pledging to disarm and bring about a new era of international peace and love, exception for Israel, which denounced Windsor’s call for an end to killing as “the sort of vile anti-Semitism reminiscent of Nazi-ruled Germany in the 1930s”.

Carlo Sands



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