Morrison ‘Deeply Disappointed’ With Hanson-Young’s Stance

Scott Morrison

The Minister for Immigration and Boarder Protection, Scott Morrison, is reportedly “surprised and deeply disappointed” by the strong opposition with which his attempt to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas has been met by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

On Thursday afternoon, Morrison introduced the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment Bill to the parliament in hope of ending the parliamentary year on a note of constructive, cross-party consensus. The minister’s hopes were then quickly dashed as Senator Hanson-Young took to Twitter to denounce Morrison as “immoral and sick.”

In  a press release Minister Morrison was critical of the Senator Hanson-Young’s remarks, considering them to be both hostile and personal.

“It’s very saddening to see these kind of comments coming from Sarah Hanson-Young. I’ve always felt that the pair of us had an excellent professional relationship built upon mutual respect and cooperation and as such this invective  is altogether very hurtful.”

Senator Hanson-Young was too upset to comment.

Nathan Lentern

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