Tony Abbott Compares Himself To Ronald Reagan

Abbott and Kochie

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has compared himself to former American President Ronald Reagan when questioned about his low rating as preferred prime minister by breakfast TV presenter Chris Koch.

When The (un) Australian asked the prime minister to expand on the comparison, Mr Abbott said, “Look, no, no, I mean I have a lot in common with Mr Reagan, he was an actor and before the election I acted like I wouldn’t  lie about my election promises and I must have been good because the people voted for me.”

The past year has not ended well for the Abbott government with falling polls and dissatisfaction with the performance of numerous government ministers, however Prime Minister Abbott is positive that 2015 will be a much better year.

“Look, in 2015, things will turn around. I mean the ALP has gone a whole year since they last knifed a leader and Palmer is losing senators left, right and centre so I predict by the end of the year we will be polling well. Failing that we’ll just cut taxes.”

Author: Mark Williamson

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