Ricky Muir Not Sure What Party He’s In Anymore

ricky muir

Victorian Senator Ricky Muir has conceded he doesn’t actually know which, if any, party he currently represents in the Australian Senate. Muir was elected in September 2013 with 0.5% of the vote as a candidate for the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party but was expelled from the Motoring Enthusiasts  in March after a hostile internal coup from his parties Victorian Branch.

Since taking his seat in July Muir has aligned himself closely with the Palmer United Party (PUP). Muir was initially recruited to PUP by Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie whose recent defection from PUP to the Chinese Communist Party has forced Muir to consider his future.

“I don’t really want to join the Communist Party but Jacqui was the only one I used to talk to inside of PUP. I don’t really know any of the other guys. Nick (Xenophon) seems nice so I joined the No Pokies but then it turned out Nick has been an Independent since 2007 so now I really don’t know,” Muir told The (un) Australian.

The uncertainty comes as a source of great dismay for Senator Muir, who is now confronted with the unenviable task of having to think for himself and formulate policy positions based upon research and evidence rather than merely taking directions from the party leadership.

It is understood that Muir has began developing a close relationship with New South Wales Senator Sam Dastyari, although it is unclear whether Muir is aware that Dastyari is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Nathan Lentern

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