Hacked James Bond Script Returned With Tech Notes


An early version of the script for the next James Bond film Spectre, currently in production, has been hacked by nerds eager to get in early this time to point out all the inconsistencies with the technological aspects of the movie.

The (un)Australian spoke with hacker sexgod69 via Skype to understand the motivations of the intellectual property theft.

“We found the last Bond movie Skyfall to be tremendously disappointing,” he said, “The action was fine but the hacker bond villain was completely ridiculous, and the hacking itself, well let’s just say I’d be surprised if the director knew which way to point a mouse.”

We asked sexgod69 what specifically was wrong with the depictions of hacking in the film, “(sigh), you can’t blow up a secure office building by hacking it, you don’t render code in 3d swirling red pipelines and you don’t do web searches with Bing!” before adding, “Seriously Bing?”

The hackers claim to have stolen the script with altruistic intentions, when asked what they aimed to do sexgod69 told us, “We’ve done a technical edit, removed all references to enhancing images, removed a scene where someone ihacks a secure network in 30 seconds and added in a scene where James Bond enters an international e-sports tournament,” before adding, “in our version Bond totally pwns some noobs.”

The hack marks the latest in a series of cyber-attacks on the Sony studio who have now stated public that they will finally get around to installing some anti-virus software.

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