Greens Call For Bush Fires To Be Renamed ‘Regeneration Opportunities’


The Australian Greens have today called for bush fires to be re-named ‘Regeneration Opportunities’. Their argument being that the term bush fires attaches a negative stigma on a natural occurring event.

A spokesperson for The Greens told The (un) Australian, “Bush fires is such an ugly word, I mean naming a natural phenomenon after a war mongering American President is so wrong.”

When it was pointed out that the word bush fire preceded, the American President the spokesperson said, “You’re one of them a lizard person, illuminati! Illuminati!”

The (un) Australian sought an opinion from Western Australians who recently lost their homes due to regeneration opportunities, however their phone lines had been disconnected, due to a regeneration opportunity.

Comment was also sought from the Member for Kennedy Bob Katter. However when the topic was broached, he began frothing at the mouth and running in circles.  It is understood that he is against the proposal.

Mark Williamson

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