Relief After Golden Globe Leak Revealed To Be Incompetence, Not Terror.

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The golden globes may have inadvertently revealed the winners of this year’s awards after accidentally publishing the results on their website in what was supposed to have been a test.

Hollywood has become accustomed in recent times to information being leaked with the widespread implications of the Sony hack still being felt in tinseltown. This time rather than a malicious hack, the information has been revealed via the far less threatening spectre of incompetence.

Especially relieving for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was that there will be no follow up consequences such as terrorist threats that accompanied the Sony hack and therefore no need to cancel this year’s Golden Globe ceremony. Although the IT employee Tony Quirell who was responsible for the leak, and was subsequently fired, left in a bit of a huff.

Hollywood insider Emelda Esmerelda told the (un)Australian, “Well I heard that Tony had been having a rough time of it lately with his drinky drinky but he was only hitting the bottle because his wife was doing the hanky panky all over the towny wowny darling.”

We asked Emelda if there was any truth to the claims that Tony had promised retribution for his dismissal, “Well he said that he was going to bring down the awards by telling everyone that the awards are all bought and that it’s a big marketing sham,” added Emelda, “But nobody was worried about that because everybody knows that already.”

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