Extremist Behind Journo Killings Spotted On Paris Street

Benjamin Netanyahu, aknowledged leader of the extremist Israeli State, was spotted on Paris streets on January 11.

The head of the extremist Israeli State was spotted on Paris streets on Sunday.

In what security analysts say was a bold statement of defiance, the head of an extremist group responsible for the recent killing of 12 journalists was spotted on the streets of Paris on Sunday. Photos clearly showed the accused mastermind of the killings of media workers at the head of a march in solidarity with murdered media workers.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the acknowledged leader of the Israeli State that Reporters Without Borders said had killed 12 journalists and one media worker in its violent attacks on Gaza last July, openly forced his way to the head of the march in a clear statement of defiance and even brazenly waved to the crowd.

Security analyst Professor Frank Killem told The (Un)Australian that the failure of French intelligence services to stop the presence of an extremist leader was a major sign of failure to act against extremist sectors in Western societies.

“Our attempt to counter extremists is being hindered by political correctness and a desire not to ‘offend’ minority sectors,” Professor Killem said. “But Netanyahu is a very dangerous man and someone could have been seriously injured as he trampled on them in a bid to get to the nearest camera.”

French police, however, have defended their actions in failing to arrest the IS head.

“What you need to realise is that Netanyahu wasn’t alone,” said police spokesperson Jaques Cliché. “As events unfolded, we became aware that the IS leader was surrounded by many other extremists responsible for many violent deaths all over the world. Given their past activities, our officers determined at that point that any intervention against them posed too great a risk to our careers.”

Carlo Sands & Leslie Richmond

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