State Govt ‘Unexpectedly’ Announces Infrastructure Project Days From Election

Campbell Newman

In a maverick move, Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, today announced a billion dollar State-wide infrastructure project just two weeks out from a general election.

The unexpected announcement is believed to be the first time a scandal-ridden State Government in Australia has declared a raft of major infrastructure measures days before an election.

Speaking to The (Un)Australian, a spokesman for the Premier said, “After two and a half years in office, the Newman government has finally been hard at work on solving the issues that matter to ordinary Queenslanders.

“That is how we came up with this innovative and totally original solution to throw money at a problem and order a series of highly visible yellow diggers.”

Responding to The (Un)Australian’s questions about the rumour that Newman advisors sketched out the idea last week on the back of a napkin at the Ortiga restaurant, the government’s spokesman confirmed, “Big ideas require big napkins.”

Coincidentally, the day after the alleged napkin sketching, Premier Newman called a snap election. It is understood by The (Un)Australian that the two events are in no way related.

Regrettably, the decision to hold the press conference on the announcement beside one of Brisbane’s busiest highways meant The (Un)Australian was unable to catch the details of the planned billion dollar projects.

Liz Stephens

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