Tourism QLD Unveils New Slogan

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Tourism Queensland says its “Homomphobic One Day, Racist The Next” tagline developed by the state’s police will resonate with both Australian and international visitors, as well as with Queenslanders. Industry analysts agree it will resonate with Queenslanders and possibly West Australians but remain divided on its suitability for a wider audience.

The Queensland government is banking on an increase in the number of visitors with neck tattoos to arrest the state’s economic fortunes in the face of weaker commodity prices, Clive Palmer and the imminent demise of the Great Barrier Reef.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones says the best part is the new campaign didn’t cost a cent. “Normally we’d spend millions on consultants and marketing gurus to develop a slogan but the police have generously given it to us for free,” she said.

A Queensland Police Service (QPS) spokesman says although its refusal to apologise to Aboroginal and homosexual officers for systemic bullying receieved free print, radio and TV exposure last week they hope to help the campaign even more with their day-to-day dealings with the public. “We need to go viral really. At the end of the day, it’s all about exposure. If we all pull together we could even beat Ferguson for international media coverage and you just can’t buy that level of exposure,” he said.

Gay bashing is not listed as an official sport in Queensland and there are no organised hunts as such but homophobia is taught in most schools, popular across all age groups and freely practiced – even in salons and theatres.

Hotels, motels and B&Bs are bracing themselves for an influx of enquiries from South Africa and Russia – countries only slightly behind Queensland in terms of racism and homophobia respectively. The overseas interest will compliment the already strong Cronulla market with many hoteliers telling T(he un)Australian business is looking “up” for the first time since January’s floods. Most then gestured towards their front gates with the shotguns they’d been resting on their laps before getting up from their rocking chairs altogether and telling us “gorn,  get”.

The Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce says the falling Australian dollar has the potential to make the entire Bali market theirs “for the taking” providing they can make white trash with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever feel free to eat, drink, vomit, urinate, fornicate and defecate wherever and whenever they please. The chamber warns the slogan alone will not be enough however, and the opportunity will be missed entirely if businesses are uncompetitive due to staff continuing to demand wages.

Ms Jones says many Australians fondly recall the “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” slogan used to promotoe Queensland in the past. “This latest one has a similar rhythm but unlike the old one we can’t be done for false advertising.”


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