Australians Shocked To Learn That Northern Territory Has Politicians As Well

Ayers Rock Under a Blue Sky

Australians have been shocked to discover that the Northern Territory has politicians as well and that they are as dysfunctional as their own.

‘I thought Crocodile Dundee lived up there with Yothu Yindi and that was it,’ said Julie White of Bellevue Hill alighting from her Ford Territory. ‘I loved Treaty. It’s nice to think they went onto bigger and better things after that song but it seems like they should have stuck to singing doesn’t it?’ Thanks Julie.

The national realization comes amid news that yet another Government coup has occurred over night in the Commonwealth with now former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Adam Giles, replaced with some guy with a German sounding name.

The Country Liberal Party (the Liberal Party without rich people) currently holds government in the Territory but like their Federal counterparts, seem intent on giving it away to charity. The German guy is the third leader for the Liberal Country Party in three years.

The Prime Minister is expected to take a leaf out of the German guy’s book and change his name to Van Abbott and then address the nation in German later in the week. It is hoped that this will add more clarity to the Prime Minister’s speech to the Press Club on Monday, which was thought to be in Japanese.


John Cahill

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