Movie Based on Book By Pathological Liar A Hit!

american sniper

The Clint Eastwood directed, Bradley Cooper starring movie American Sniper is breaking box office records and is being reviewed positively by right wing nut jobs, despite the fact it is based on a book that a court has found to be full of lies.

The movie is based on the book by real life sniper Chris Kyle, and is a best seller, very popular amongst defamation lawyers. One such case involves former Governor of Minnesota, Navy Seal and Pro-Wrestler Jesse Ventura, who successfully sued Kyle’s estate over fictitious claims that Kyle punched Ventura out in a bar (it was actually in Kyle’s head that the incident occurred).

There are also other fictitious claims in the book like the time Kyle sniped at looters in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, the time Kyle killed both the Alien and the Predator and the fact that the US believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The (un)Australian reached out to director Clint Eastwood for comment however the chair we sent to interview him forgot to hit record.

Look out for The (un)Australian’s full review of the movie once we have successfully downloaded a copy of it.

Mark Williamson

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