Union Condemns ISIS For Using Underage Workers


An Australian Union has condemned ISIS over their latest video release which depicts a young child being involved in the execution of Russian spies. The Union has condemned ISIS over their use of under-age workers.

A spokesperson for the Convict, Minors, Educators, Foreign, Union (CMEFU) told The (un) Australian, “That video is an outrage that kid is clearly underage, the agreement says that to work in the beheading industry you must be at least 16 years old.”

We asked the CMEFU whether the age of the person involved in the video was all they had a problem with to which they replied, “Mate, no one was wearing safety goggles and there were only two people there, when we all know a beheading requires at least three people for each captive.”

Pushing further we asked the CMEFU their thoughts on the actual beheading to which they replied, “We don’t discuss politics Mate, we just look out for workers, you know that kid was taking some guys job.”

Mark Williamson



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