Business Under Fire Over Trademarking of the Bali 7

Bali 9

A Sydney business is under fire this week over their trademarking of the name The Bali 7, for the intended use as a t-shirt design. The term “Bali 7” is connected to the group of Australian drug traffickers the Bali 9 who were caught smuggling heroin out of Bali and were sentenced to jail terms ranging from 20 years to the death penalty.

The trademark request came from a company called D-Train Promotions, based in Lidcombe NSW, an employee of  the company spoke to The (un)Australian about the trademarking, “Look when we heard they were going to execute 2 of the Bali 9 we figured the Bali 7 has a nice ring to it and would look wicked on a t-shirt.”

The controversial slogan has caused outrage from various groups such as anti-death campaigners, friends and family of the soon to be executed men and surprisingly the fashion industry.

Claire Hoyton-Smythe editor of Australians 51st leading Fashion Blog, Clothes and Expensive stuff told The (un)Australian, “It’s appalling, I mean the Bali 7, everyone knows that odd numbers were so last year why couldn’t they have gone with the Bali 6? Or Bali 4? Surely they could knock off another one of the smugglers.”

The t-shirts will be available at your leading Etsy site.

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