Live Earth Concert to Raise Awareness of Al Gore

Palmer Gore

During an address to the World Economic Forum in Davos, former cartoon voice actor Al Gore has announced a multi-national Live Earth concert series in an effort to raise awareness of Al Gore.

“We are in critical times” the Grammy winner told the forum, “children today are not learning that I was once the proud recipient of the Nobel prize”.

The event will play host to over 100 bands in 7 major cities, which will make it the biggest concert series ever attempted by a former vice-president. It’s set to be even bigger than Quaylefest ’96.

A concert will be held on each continent, including in Sydney, Australia. Antarctica will also play host to the Live Earth series, as its music scene is known to be much more lively and critically respected than Australia’s.

Pharrell Williams, who will be the show’s musical director, remained tight lipped about who exactly would be playing, but did hint that the little man that writes all of his hit songs, who he keeps hidden under his hat, may make an appearance.

“We’re going to get a diverse group of musicians and styles, all united under the idea that people should be paying more attention to Al Gore.”

The event will be a sequel to the 2007 Live Earth concert series, which was successful in its goal of raising awareness about Al Gore. However, in the subsequent years, awareness of Mr Gore has continued to wane. People who are now more known than Al Gore include George Clooney’s wife Amal Clooney, television star Stephen Colbert and People’s sexiest man Chris Hemsworth.

Mr Gore, who won a Webby award in 2005, estimates that a TV, radio and internet audience of 2 billion people will tune in to the show, which will make it the second most watched event in history, after the M*A*S*H* finale.

“2 billion people, all looking at me. Can you fucking believe it?”

Matthew Farthing is the Entertainment Reporter for The (un)Australian. He DJs at clubs under the stage name of ‘Louis Seekae’. Follow him on Twitter


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