Exclusive: Abbott’s Original Terror Draft Leaked

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's pledge to change his leadership style has political comics concerned.

With Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressing Parliament to announce a new ‘security crackdown’ focussing on immigration, citizenship status and access to welfare to combat terrorism, The (un)Australian can exclusively reveal the contents of of Mr Abbott’s unedited proposals.

Despite several opportunities for his trademark unscripted comments in the lead up to his Parliamentary address, the normally lipless PM has been uncharacteristically tightlipped about the details. However, The (un)Australian has received information from a source close to the LNP leadership – who wished only to be identified as definitely not Malcolm Turnbull – and can reveal what are believed to be the key measures in Tony Abbott’s original draft. They are:

  • full citizenship will be limited to people with a personal net worth over $250 million or a parliamentary superannuation scheme.
  • limited citizenship, excluding federal voting rights, extended to people with a personal worth between $1 million and $250 million.
  • everyone receiving Centrelink benefits, excluding WWI veterans and LNP-voting pensioners, will be considered as being engaged in activity endangering Australia and will have their income replaced with food rations and may be relocated to work camps or “suitably secured” suburbs.
  • ASIO to expanded and rebadged as the Super Team Australia Security Intelligence Organisation (believed to be a personal initiative of Tony Abbott).
  • evidence of Swiss bank accounts to be accepted as major supporting documentation for immigration applications.

In total there were to be an extraordinary 1,984 individual measures, including processes for individuals to improve their citizenship status.

Under Abbott’s original plan, non-citizens would have been able to earn citizenship points, or “citicredits”, by doing unpaid jobs or notifying authorities of any unionism, environmental thinking, or suspicious ethnicity they witness. Those citicredits could then be used to access health, education, or housing resources or exchanged for shares in approved companies.

According to the source, who insisted they really weren’t Malcolm Turnbull but even if they were Tony Abbott has the full support of the team, “that measure was pretty popular in the Party Room and Cabinet, and we’re pretty sure Labor would support it, so we’ll probably bring it in eventually. It was just felt that it needed to be tightened up a bit to remove some of the wriggle room, and there wasn’t time to do that and get Twiggy’s and Gina’s feedback before Tony had to address the House. So we’ve put it out to the Centre for Independent Studies to work on.”

In an unexplained and unexpectedly generous move, one of the measures outlined was the provision of new, government approved Samsung smart televisions to every dwelling.

Leslie Richmond

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