Health Experts Slam Pete Evans’ Prime Ministers’ Cookbook


Another Pete Evans cookbook has been removed from the shelves amid fears the “easily-led” Prime Minister was under its influence when he ate a raw onion in Tasmania on Friday.

The controversial cookbook is the third Pete Evans tome to be pulped this week after the children’s “Paleo” and the grandparents’ “Jurassic” cookbooks were seized by Health Department Officials after an anonymous tip-off.

Health Minister Sussan Ley said the Prime Ministers’ Cookbook was particularly disturbing with most recipes including “un-peeled, uncooked onion” and “ear wax”. Ms Ley told The (un)Australian: “a dessert called Gordon Brown Mousse consists entirely of boogers!” Named after the former British Prime Minister, Ms Ley found the colour particularly disturbing as “it’s not even brown!”

Sources close to the Prime Minister are relieved to found a reason for Tony Abbott’s increasingly bizarre behavior. One senior minister who asked not to be named said “that bloody St Patrick’s Day debacle makes sense now – the poor bastard’s been eating rubbish for so long he can’t think straight.”

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet declined to comment.

Timothy Hugh Govers

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