Scots Old Boys To Be Offered Liberal Frontbench Places Without Election

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Hot on the heels of the Sydney Morning Herald‘s revelation that students at Sydney’s elite all-boy Scots College were offered Sydney University places without taking the HSC, The (Un)Australian can exclusively report details of a pilot project being considered by the federal government to grant Scots Old Boys places on the Liberal Party frontbench without facing popular election.

Much like the Sydney University program, in which a special $12,000 17-week diploma course replacing the HSC is available only to Scots boys, Scots graduates will be offered a set number of spots on the Liberal frontbench for a small, six-figure donation to the party.

A government spokesperson said the deal under consideration made a lot of sense: “Our frontbench is stacked with old boys from private schools as it is, so all this would do is cut the red tape.

“As it stands, the bureaucracy involved in an old boy from an elite private school getting on the Liberal frontbench is insane! They must join the Liberal Party like any other individual no matter what school they went to, work their way up the ranks, win pre-selection and then stand for election against other candidates who could have been educated anywhere, and just to achieve the same, inevitable, end result!

“This proposal streamlines the process and saves money on organising elections, which is crucial given the debt this nation was saddled with by Labor  — many of whose leaders, I’m sure you don’t need reminding, went to public schools.”

Asked what this proposal meant for the principle of universal sufferage, the spokesperson said: “I’m well aware that many people in the electorate think they are entitled to vote for their elected representatives, but this government has made it clear that the Age of Entitlement is quite definitely over.”

Carlo Sands

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