Julie Bishop Upset Nobody Comments On Her Clothes


‘Is no one going to even notice my brooch?’

With leadership speculation mounting, yet again, foreign minister Julie Bishop has continued to have her credentials as a minister scrutinised, rather than her appearance.

Bishop appeared again at a press conference on some international incident, but vented her frustration at the gallery when they clearly hadn’t noticed her new dress or the way she had done her hair.

“You boys are so rude,” she huffed, “don’t you know a girl likes to get noticed every now and then?”

The gallery was awkwardly quiet for a few seconds before continuing to ask questions about foreign policy.

“Sometimes I don’t know why I bother,” she said before pouting and storming off.

Political analyst Geraldine Frostwyrm told The (un)Australian: “The right-wing commentators like Alan Jones were only too happy to resort to ridiculous name calling when they were dealing with Julia Gillard. But they actually support Bishop. Left-wing commentators have their hands tied by upholding their namby pamby political correctness.”

After the press conference Bishop told The (un)Australian: “People are just treating me like a politician, the right are lauding my performance as a minister, and the left are criticising my performance as a minister, I haven’t even had a ridiculous hypocritical comment from Germaine Greer.”

Ryan Crawford

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