Ed Miliband’s Mother Brings Up How Well David’s Doing Over Lunch

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Marion Kozak, human rights campaigner and mother of David and Ed Miliband, has made several casual comments about how well David is doing over lunch with Ed.

“Davey’s organisation is doing such wonderful work in the Congo,” Ms Kozak opined to her son.

“I’ve always been so proud of him.”

Mr Miliband, who has just recently resigned as the leader of the UK’s Labour Party after a stunning election loss, had taken his mother to a cafe they both fancied in an attempt to keep his mind off the defeat.

“Did you read what the Independent wrote about your brother? John Rentoul believes Davey could have won the election had he been the Labour Party leader,” Ms Kozak commented.

“Must have missed it. How is your coffee?” Mr Miliband responded to his mother, in an attempt to change the conversation.

“Just imagine. Your brother, the Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom”

Ms Kozak, who when questioned, asserts that she loves both of her boys equally, seemed most concerned about what the member for Doncaster North would be doing now that he had resigned as party leader.

“I’m sure Davey could set you up with a nice job at the International Rescue Committee, since he is their CEO” she assured Mr Miliband.

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