Apprenticeships To Be Scrapped And Replaced By Reality TV Shows.

Can you build a submarine? You could be Channel 7's next star.

Apprenticeships for chefs will be replaced by appearances on My Kitchen Rules.

In a move expected to save more than $4 billion over the next four years, the federal government today announced that it was scrapping the decades-old apprenticeship’s scheme and instead trades would start taking future employees from reality TV shows.

Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane announced new arrangements for the delivery of support to Australian Apprentices and their employers in a press conference this morning. The new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network will commence from July 1.

“The Australian government is committed to building a high quality Australian Apprenticeships system which better supports apprentices and responds to the needs of employers and the economy” said Mr Macfarlane.

From now, on chefs and hospitality staff will be employed directly from MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules and Restaurant Revolution. Builders, plumbers and electricians will be directly employed from shows like Reno Revolution, My House Rules and The Block.

The minister said: “We are taking trades out of the classroom, putting them on TV where their work can be viewed not only by the general public, but also potential employers. In this way, we are transferring the costs of training from the federal government onto the TV networks and production companies responsible for the high class programming we see in Australia.”

Big Brother contestants will now be immediately qualified for any positions on radio or TV, while bloggers and social media commentators are now fully qualified journalists.

Gus W Templeton

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