ISIS Leaders Split Over Whether To Strip Terror Victims Of Citizenship


Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has expressed dismay that details of a heated cabinet meeting in the terror organisation has been leaked to the press.

“I would have thought it was pretty obvious that every innocent member of the public that we behead or blow up would instantly lose their citizenship on account of being dead,” said the beleaguered caliph, who thinks the source of the leaks may be former leader of the group Turn Bilal al-Colm.

“But some members argued rather strongly that we might have to kill those victims who have dual citizenship twice.”

He also expressed his disappointment at Monday night’s episode of the Mosul edition of Q&A, in which a former member of the Liberal Party was allowed to address a panel that consisted of several IS ministers and comedian Akmal Saleh.

“It’s bad enough that these young men and women bring shame upon their families by leaving our country and going to Australia to join the Liberal Party”, said al-Baghdadi. “But when they come back and start trying to form their own branches of the Young Liberals it really gets my goat.”

The caliph’s goat refused to comment on the story.

Peter Green

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