Government To Review The ABC’s Q&A Program Over Controversial Guest


The federal Government has announced they will hold an inquiry into the ABC’s Q&A program following last Monday’s show where a controversial guest appeared. The inquiry will investigate how the guest got on the show and who was responsible, with the Prime Minister promising that, ‘heads will roll.’

In a surprising move the guest in question who sparked the furious uproar was not noted hate preacher Fred Nile who appeared on the show to express his bigoted opinions on gay people. Nor was it former Howard staffer Grahame Morris, a man who once expressed surprise that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard had not been ‘kicked to death.’

Instead the Government’s uproar was over former terrorism suspect Zaky Mallah who dared in the government’s eyes to ask a question and express an opinion that differed to theirs.

A spokesperson for the Government talked to The (un)Australian about the program saying, “It’s time the ABC fell into line and started expressing opinions that are more palatable to the majority of Australians, how dare they disagree with us, the impertinence!”

The Government inquiry into Q&A will be held later in the month with results expected to be leaked to the News corp papers during that time.

Mark Williamson

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