Kyle Sandilands And Alan Jones Fearful They Could Be Next


Following the federal government’s decision this week to hold an inquiry into the ABC program Q&A due to their decision to allow acquitted terrorism suspect Zaky Mullah to appear on the show, radio broadcaster’s Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones are fearful that they could be next to face the government’s wrath.

A spokesperson for Kyle Sandiland told The (un)Australian: Q&A are being investigated for a poor choice of guest, what are they going to do to Kyle when they start listening to his shows?

“I mean the guy hooked up a 14 year-old girl to a lie detector and asked her about her sex life, isn’t that grooming?”

Alan Jones was also concerned that the government would sanction him over his calls to throw former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a chaff bag and dump her at sea. The broadcaster said: “I think it’s illegal under the sedition laws to say what I said, so I expect no doubt that I’ll be hearing from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.”

The government could not be reached for comment over the issue, however Mr Turnbull did tweet a smiley face at the suggestion of investigating Mr Jones.

Mark Williamson

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