God Punishes Australians Wanting Marriage Equality With Plague of Eric Abetzes


The almighty supreme being God has seen fit to punish the Australian population for even considering the issue of gay marriage by smiting the country with a plague of Eric Abetzes.

“Take that you heathens”, said God as he rained Eric Abetzes down upon the terrified masses. “This is what you get for being apathetic about the political process and allowing your senate to become a haven for idiots and for that whole gay thing.”

While not quite the cyclones and earthquakes that were expected, the plague of Eric Abetzes is still considered quite nasty as far as heavenly retribution goes.

“I’ve got bigger things to worry about than marriage equality, such as the economy and national security”, said God, in a relaxed mood as he reached out a finger to Adam on the roof of the Sistine Chapel. “So don’t expect like humungous tornados or bushfires or anything too spectacular. The plague of Eric Abetzes will have to do for now. I’m still quite tired from all the hard work it took getting Jennifer Hudson that Oscar a few years back.”

God is expected to let Australia feel more of his wrath once he finishes releasing a plague of boils upon the producers of the movie “Evan Almighty”.

Peter Green
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