Bernard Tomic Reminds Nick Kyrgios That He’s Australia’s Number One Tool


Tennis star Bernard Tomic has thrown down the gauntlet to fellow Australian player, Nick Kyrgios, declaring himself Australia’s top tennis tool.

After his third round Wimbledon loss, Tomic delivered a scathing rant against Tennis Australia with particular focus on beloved Grand Slam winner, Pat Rafter.

Traditionally, Australia has always had two types of tennis players — a popular nice guy and a tool. When Kyrgios burst onto the scene, his initial nice, humble persona led the public to view him as a natural successor to Rafter. It was said that, with a humble Kyrgios and a brattish Tomic, Australian tennis was in a good place.

A spokesperson for Tennis Australia told The (un)Australian: “Australian tennis history has always had a rich history of tools — Newcombe, Philippoussis, Hewitt, and now Tomic. But Kyrgios has upset the apple cart as we are not sure — is he a nice guy or a tool?”

As he’s matured, Kyrgios has moved more towards being a tool than a nice guy. It was thought that Tomic’s outburst was aimed more at Kyrgios than Rafter, and was an attempt to reclaim his status as Australia’s top tennis tool.

Tomic’s plans post-Wimbledon are to return to the Gold Coast and prime himself for a big end-of-year campaign at Schoolies.

Mark Williamson

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