Three Growling Rottweilers Approached This Frightened Woman In The Street. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened next.

The incident threatened to spill over into a heartwarming viral video where your expectations about a stereotypically frightening incident are subverted. The unlikely result giving you pause to consider that the world is an amazing and unpredictable place where you can still have faith in humanity because of caring people, loving animals and darling cutie poo-poos.

In this case, sadly, there was absolutely nothing to give you any hope whatsoever.

Actually, in reality the woman and the three rottweilers don’t even exist, but while you’re here, please enjoy the annoying banner advertising and links to a thousand other bullshit articles that have ads of their own or are actually just advertorials.

Articles like, Dieticians Hate This Guy Because He’s Discovered This Simple Trick For Weight Loss. Or, 17 Reasons Apple Users Will Survive An Apocalypse. And, Learn These 5 Financial Tricks The Banks Don’t Want You To Know.

And by the time you’ve spent an hour on the information supermarket you are literally dumber. Congratulations dummy, your new inability to think critically about anything means that you’ll be able to die happy after a long life of heart-warming stories of success against the odds and cat videos.

Tim Berners-Lee is now living a life of quiet disillusionment.

If you don’t know who Tim Berners-Lee is, please read the next article.

25 Reasons why the father of the internet is disappointed in you.

Ryan Crawford

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