PSA: Not All Pets Grow Up To Be Courtney Barnett


You must be aware when adopting a pet that they will not grow up to share Courtney Barnett’s musical talent.

Here at the RSPCA, we believe all pets deserve to be loved. We’ve devoted our lives to rescuing animals and giving them a second chance by pairing them with loving families. And while we believe that adopting a pet is more rewarding than watching your child graduate, we must stress to anyone thinking about adoption that time is a cruel and unforgiving mistress.

Puppies and kittens don’t stay babies forever. Pets grow up, and in all but one notable exception, they don’t grow up to be Courtney Barnett.

Re-homing of pets has increased dramatically over the last year, which we can attribute to the continuing success Courtney Barnett has been experiencing at home and overseas. Unfortunately, a consequence of this has been an increase in grown-up pets being abandoned at our shelters after the families discover they had not grown up to be as cute as the singer/songwriter, nor share her musical talent.

We believe the media has been irresponsible in pushing Courtney Barnett’s image at the expense of representing what normal pet ownership actually looks like. When Pitchfork gave Ms Barnett’s Sometimes I Sit And I Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit “best new music” and followed her on tour, there was no mention of the obligations of responsible pet ownership. Any family who saw the guitarist’s rollicking performance on Conan could have easily come away with the mistaken impression that this is what pet ownership will be like.

We wish to counteract this irresponsible media campaign. Pets are great companions, who are not only deserving of our love but are capable of returning it. However, you must be aware when adopting a pet that they will not grow up to share Courtney Barnett’s musical talent and the ones that do tend to look more like Darren Hanlon.

In spite of this, while Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Darren Hanlons are not what many people consider conventionally ‘cute’, they’re entitled to be loved and adopting one can be just as rewarding as adopting a Norfolk Terrier or Courtney Barnett.

So remember, pets are cute when they’re young, but they’re a lifetime commitment. You can’t just ditch an unwanted animal at one of our shelters once you’ve become bored of it, or she chokes on her sophomore album.

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