Signs Of Eric Abetz Identified On Pluto

Eric Abetz

An image bearing a remarkable similarity to Minister for Workplace Relations Eric Abetz have been found on Pluto. NASA revealed the surprise find came from a study of the first-ever close-up photos of Pluto.

Scientists say most of the photos revealed a young and icy mountain range, evidence of water ice and, mysteriously, no impact craters so far. However, a far bigger mystery came with an unexpected image in a glacier that appeared to be a face under the ice bearing an unmistakable similarity to Senator Abetz.

NASA spokesperson James Canning told The (un)Australian: “The implications of this could be enormous. Not just the long sought for possible evidence of life outside of Earth, but this could explain so much about Minister Abetz, from his bizarre inflection, his unfortunately androgynous choice of name, his views on abortion and breast cancer –all of this finally has a logical explanation.”

Senator Abetz’s office had no comment other than to reaffirm the minister’s ongoing opposition to government-sponsored scientific research.

Nathan Lentern

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