Success Of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Inspires Reboot Of The ‘My Brilliant Career’ Franchise

brilliant career

The runaway success of George Miller’s groundbreaking update of the Mad Max franchise has led to the announcement that Gillian Armstrong’s 1979 crowd’pleaser My Brilliant Career will be re-imagined for a modern audience.

“The last installment of the original series left our heroine Sybylla still out there, wandering a bonnet and corset strewn wasteland searching for something more fulfilling than being married to Sam Neill,” said producer Margaret Fink.

“We’ve already begun an exhausting search for the next Judy Davis, with every eligible young Australian actress being asked to send us an audition tape showing us what they look like pressing their fingers against a mosquito net.”

Due to the dearth of large colonial homesteads with picturesque gardens, most of which have been bulldozed to make way for duplexes, filming of the new movie will take place in Namibia. Rock musician Iota has already been signed up to play the part of a cellist in a string quartet.

“With the aid of CGI that just wasn’t available in 1979, the central pillow fight will have audiences on the edge of their seats,” promised Gillian Armstrong. “And I guarantee an absolute kick ass final chase scene involving half a dozen semi trailers and a pony and cart.”

Early drafts of the script, based loosely on Miles Franklin’s follow up novel “My Career Goes Bung”, focus on Sybylla’s literary career, where she publishes several books under the pen name of “The Night Writer”.

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