Australia’s Minister For Women To Be Mentored By Prince Philip

Incoming Minister for Foreign Affairs Sir Philip Windsor

‘He always knows what to say in most situations.’

Australia’s Minister for Women who also happens to be Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has declared that he is struggling with the role and will seek a mentorship from Prince Philip.

The Prince, who recently made the news after asking a group of women at a community health centre “who they sponge off”, is said to be bemused by the approach.

A spokesperson for the Prince talked to The (un)Australian, saying: “His majesty will accept the role of mentor to Mr Abbott, as he did with the Knighthood that Abbott gave him and the letters of admiration, the telegrams, the gifts, the offer of one his daughters, I say this Abbott chap really does like the Royal family, eh?”

Mr Abbott said of the mentorship: “Sometimes in life you have to admit you need a little help, and I think most Australians will agree that Prince Philip is one of the world’s great statesmen. He knows what to say in most situations and his record speaks for itself.”

Mr Abbott will meet up with Prince Philip later in the year, Bronwyn Bishop is handling the travel arrangements.

Mark Williamson

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