Jason Akermanis: ‘I suffered Years Of Abuse From Dickheadist Fans’


Former AFL star Jason Akermanis has shown sympathy for the plight of swans star Adam Goodes, revealing that he was subjected to a campaign of boos from rival fans simply because he was a dickhead.

“Dickheadism is an ugly scourge in our society and I was often the target of boos and jeers simply because I was proud to admit that I was a dickhead,” said the Brownlow Medal-winning former Brisbane Bears and Western Bulldogs player.

“The barracking just spurred me on to act like a complete dickhead, both on and off the field. I like to see myself as a role model and a mentor for young dickheads.”

“Dickheadist behaviour just won’t be tolerated and anyone indulging themselves in abuse of players with dickhead ancestry will find themselves removed from the ground,” said AFL official Vern Speckie.

“I’m amazed in this day and age that we still encounter dickheadism. Look at the contribution that dickheads have made to Australian history. Governor Bligh, Ned Kelly, Shane Warne, even our current Prime Minster; all dickheads.”

NRL dickheads Willie Mason and Michael Ennis have promised to act like total dickheads in this weekends round as a show of solidarity with Akermanis.

Peter Green


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