Email Sacking Port Workers Included Photo Of Boss’s Dinner


The controversial chicken schnitzel.

Worker sacked via email by Hutchison Ports say that the inclusion of a photograph of a chicken schnitzel that the boss was just about to eat has added considerable insult to the injury.

“If the company wants to use social media to sack us that’s fair enough but was there really any need to add ‘LOL’ to the end of the message?” said veteran dock worker May Bryant. “And the little attachment with a photo of a chicken schnitty with ‘Yummo, can’t wait to tuck into this’ as the caption was totally out of order.”

“I did what? Man I must have been so pissed last night,” said Hutchison boss Jack Scab when questioned about the email. “I should never be allowed near a mobile phone after midnight. I guess it’s too late to unsack them now. You should see the pathetic email I sent to my ex girlfriend two hours later pleading for her to take me back.”

Hutchison had explored a range of ways of using social media to sack workers, including click baiting the message to ensure prompt opening of emails.

“A hardworking wharfie with kids to feed opened an email at midnight. You’ll never guess what happened next?” was one option. “Top ten reasons why we love being unemployed” and “Working full time linked to cancer” were others the company considered.

Peter Green
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