Donald Trump To Build Wall Around Syria


US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has unveiled a plan to stem the flow of refugees fleeing the Middle East by “building a wall” around Syria. As Republican candidates attempt to outmuscle one another on immigration, Trump announced his new plan in a speech to his supporters in Iowa.

Trump told supporters “We’ve got to be strong. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, some of them are rapists and we’ve got to keep them out. We’re going to build a wall to keep them where they are and what’s more, we’re going to make them pay for it.”

When later questioned as to whether he was referring to the regime of Bashar al-Assad or IS when claiming that “they” were going to pay for the wall, Trump replied “We’re going to build a wall and it will be strong because we will be strong.”

Republican frontrunner Ben Carson has expressed support the idea telling reporters “walls are highly versatile utilities. The Great Wall of China was after all used for storing wheat and grain so who knows what else we could use this wall for.”

A confidential, and therefore widely publicised, email sent by Hillary Clinton indicated that the former Secretary of State was opposed to the wall.

Nathan Lentern

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