Male Blogger Urges Feminists To Make Misogynists A Cup Of Tea


Prolific blogger, self-described feminist and Dr Who fan, Antony Whitecastle has penned a lengthy blog calling on feminists like himself to make misogynists a cup of tea rather than showering them with criticism.

Talking to The (un)Australian, Mr Whitecastle explained his ‘cup of tea’ theory, saying: “A mistake a lot of feminists make is fighting fire with fire, I mean girls getting whistled at on the street is appalling and degrading, but rather than scream back abuse why not buy the guys a coffee and tell them how you feel?”

Mr Whitecastle’s blog is the first to be published on a new website devoted to male feminists titled The website hopes to achieve equality online by giving a voice to those who too often go unheard, the male feminist blogger.

For those wishing to contribute to the site please email or you can support the site by donating to their Go Fund Me account. Contributors will not be paid for content, but rather rewarded with exposure.

Mark Williamson

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