Andrew Bolt Condemns The ABC For Employing Questionable Characters Like Himself


Herald Sun columnist and the most read blogger to ever appear before the courts Andrew Bolt, has today condemned the ABC for employing questionable characters, after it was announced that Bolt himself would be filming a documentary for the network.

At first it was believed that Bolt would appear on the ABC series Dumb, Drunk and Racist, however it was soon clarified that he would instead be filming a documentary on Aboriginal recognition in the constitution. For those wondering, Bolt is against the move and will be travelling the country to spread his view as it is thought that a man with a newspaper column, TV and radio show is not given enough outlets to express his opinion.

A spokesperson for Mr Bolt talked to The (un)Australian about the documentary and his condemnation of the network, saying: “Andrew is a persecuted figure in the Australian media, like his dear friend Tony Abbott, the national broadcaster, a place for militant lefties and warmist’s has long been seen as the enemy, but you know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

No release date has yet been put on the documentary but be sure to check out as no doubt a petition will appear calling on the ABC to scrap the documentary close to its release date.

Mark Williamson

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